Gerard Beenen


I engage students by encouraging them to set their own learning goals. I use team assignments, case studies, current events, and personal experiences (both theirs and mine) to bring evidence-based principles to life.



I am interested in teaching courses covering any of the following topics

> Organizational Behavior, Strategic Human Resources, Leadership

> Organizational Change, Entrepreneurship, Ethics




> Introduction to Organizational Behavior (70-344) (BS)

> Organizational Change (45-962) (MBA)


Teaching Assistant

1. Introduction to Organizational Behavior  (70-344) (BS)

2. Interpersonal Negotiation  (45-895) (MBA)

3. Advanced Negotiation  (45-962) (MBA)

4. Managing Groups and Teams  (45-897) (MBA)

5. Organizational Change  (45-966) (MBA)

6. Digital Transformation  (95-722) (MISM)

7. Interactive Marketing  (95-732/70-488) (MISM/BS)

8. Ethics Module  (45-785) (MBA)

9. Org. Design & Implementation (80-729) (MPPM)

10. Strategic Human Resources Management (45-894) (MBA)


Other Teaching Experiences

> Business ethics seminar speaker for MBA students (Wharton School)

> E-commerce panelist (MIT/Sloan School; Brookings Institution)

> MBA class e-commerce guest lecturer (Kellogg School; Dr. Sunil Chopra)

> Accounting and marketing module trainer (Bain & Company)

> Visiting Instructor, taught college level courses (Bethel College, Kerala, India)