Gerard Beenen

I enjoy doing research, teaching, and helping students navigate their careers.


Iíve led, consulted for, and worked in big and small organizations spanning consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, technology, transportation, manufacturing, and government. As a Bain & Company Consultant, I worked on teams that helped turnaround Continental Airlines, and that improved Latin American supply chain efficiency for Kraft Foods and Navistar. I also co-founded and sold a dot-com called with Charles Kwon, a close friend I met during our MBA days at the Kellogg School of Management.

Iíve travelled in 25 countries throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. Iíve surfed in California, Costa Rica, France, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Ireland, Mexico, Michigan, New York and Wisconsin. Yes, you really can surf on the Great Lakes. I also learned Spanish in Costa Rica where I had a blast surfing in places like Tamarindo and practicing what I learned by chatting with the local surfeadores.

For pure fun, I enjoy participating in any kind of water sport, riding my bike, acting like I can play a guitar, writing film reviews for, and of course hanging out with my family and hearing my kids laugh hysterically.