Francisco M. Veloso


Francisco Veloso is a Professor in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University as well as at Catolica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics. His work focuses on how firms and regions develop and leverage scientific and technological capabilities for economic growth. He has won several awards for his contributions, including the Alfred P. Sloan Industry Studies Fellowship, the Stan Hardy award for the outstanding paper published in the field of Operations Management, as well as grants from the National Science Foundation, the Mexican Science Foundation and the Richard King Mellon Foundation. Francisco has published in journals such as Management Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Operations Management and Research Policy, and worked with a variety of international firms and organizations, including Alcoa, McKinsey & Co., the Asian Development Bank, or the Portuguese Science Foundation. Francisco has a PhD in Technology, Management and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an M.S. in Technology Management from ISEG and a Diploma in Physics Engineering from IST, both part of the Technical University of Lisbon.




Working Papers

  1. 1.   Technological diversification and economic performance: A within industry perspective
       With C Wolter and P Steinemann

  1. 2.   Offshoring and the location of innovation
       With BJ Fifarek and CI Davidson

  1. 3.  Ripples through the value chain: scope and profit evolution as technology changes
       With M Jacobides and C Wolter

  1. 4.    Spinoffs and the Mobility of US Merchant Semiconductor Inventors

        With S Klepper and C Cheyre

Published Papers

Most significant journal publications                                                                                                     

  1. 1.   Linking induced technological change and environmental regulation: Evidence from patenting in the US. Auto
          Research Policy (forthcoming). With J Lee and D Hounshell

  2. 2.    Virtual Design, Problem Framing and Innovation: An Empirical Study in the Automotive Industry
          Journal of Management Studies, 2011 With A Vaccaro and S Brusoni

  3. 3.   Offshoring and the Geography of Innovation
          Journal of Economic Geography, 2010. With BJ Fifarek

  4. 4.   Navel gazing: Academic inbreeding and scientific productivity
          Management Science, 2010. With H Horta and R Grediaga

  5. 5.   Effects of the PATRIOT Act and the 2002 Bioterrorism Preparedness Act on Select Agent Research in U.S
          Proceedings of the National Academies of the USA, 2010. With B Dias, L Reyes-Gonzalez, E Casman

  6. 6.    The Impact of Virtual Technologies on Knowledge Based Processes:  An Empirical Study
           Research Policy, 2009. With A Vaccaro and S Brusoni.

  7. 7.    The Effects of Innovation on Vertical Structure: Perspectives on Transaction Costs and Competences. 
           Academy of Management Review, 2008. With C Wolter [lead paper in the issue]

  8. 8.    ISO 9000 Practices and Financial Performance: A Technology Coherence Perspective.
           Journal of Operations Management, 2008. With MJ Benner
            [winner of the Stan Hardy Award as the most outstanding paper in Operations Management in 2008]

  9. 9.    Offshoring Technology Innovation: A Case Study of the Rare-earth Technology.
           Journal of Operations Management, 2008. With BJ Fifarek and C Davidson

  10. 10.  Inter-Firm Innovation under Uncertainty: Empirical Evidence for Strategic Knowledge-Partitioning.
           Journal of Product Innovation Management, 2008. with J Lee
           [winner the best student paper award in the Portland Intl. Conference on Management of Technology]

  11. 11.   The Determinants of Research Productivity: A Study of Mexican Researchers
            Research Policy, 2007. With C Gonzalez

  12. 12.   Imports, Productivity Growth, and Supply Chain Learning
            World Development, 2007. With G. Blalock


Other journal publications                                                                                                     

  1. 13.   An output perspective on the teaching-research nexus: an analysis of the US higher education system
            Studies in Higher Education, 2011. With H Horta and V Dautel.

  2. 14.   Forcing technological change: a case of automobile emissions control technology development in the US
            Technovation, 2010. With J Lee, D Hounshell, E Rubin

  3. 15.    Knowledge Management Tools, Innovation Capabilities and Firm Performance
           Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2010. With A Vaccaro  and R Parente

  4. 16.   R&D Activity Selection Process: Building a Strategy Aligned R&D Portfolio
            IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2009. With P Pereira

  5. 17.   Mexico’s Innovation Cha-cha
            Issues in Science & Technology, 2007. With C Gonzalez-Brambila and J Lever

  6. 18.    Opening the box: comparing EU and US scientific output by scientific field
             Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2007. With H Horta

  7. 19.    Infrastructures, Incentives and Institutions: Fostering Distributed Knowledge Bases for the Learning Society
            Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2003. With P Conceição and M Heitor

  8. 20.   Understanding Local Content Decisions: Economic Analysis and an Application to the Automotive Industry.
            Journal of Regional Science, 2006

  9. 21.   The Future of the Auto Industry in Asia: Regional Integration, Alternative Designs & Chinese Leadership,
            International Journal of Vehicle Design, 2004. With E Fuchs

  10. 22.   Cost Implications of the eSupply Chain in the Auto Industry: Results from a Simple Model,
            International Journal of Technology Policy and Management, 2003.  with R Roth

  11. 23.   The Automotive Supply Chain: Global Trends and Asian Perspectives,
            International Journal of Business and Society, 2003.  With R Kumar
            [article on the top 50 downloads from in 2002]. Initially Asian Development Bank ERD WP Series.

  12. 24.  Make-Buy Decisions in the Auto Industry: New perspectives on the role of the supplier as an innovator,
           Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2001. With S Fixson.

  13. 25.    Incentives, Infrastructure and Institutions: Perspectives on Industrialization and Technical Change
            Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2001. With S Fixson

  14. 26.   Alternative paths for the development of technological competences in the Portuguese Industry
            Industry and Higher Education, 1997. With I Pinto and JR Felizardo



Article on impact of Patriot Act in select agent research published in PNAS

Study on the impact of the USA PATRIOT Act in the dynamics and patterns of research together with co-authors at Carnegie Mellon published at the Proceedings of the National Academics of Sciences of the USA. Here is a commentary on the paper in Nature News.

Article on impact of inbreeding in scientific productivity in Management Science

Work shows that inbreeding is associated with lower scholarly output. Moreover, it also shows that this inferior productivity results from the fact that inbred faculty tend to be more centered on their own institution and less open to the rest of the scientific world. Staying in the same university leads to navel gazing, which drives the reduced scientific output.

PhD Dissertation of Claudio Wolter Wins Industry Studies Dissertation Award

PhD Advisee Claudio Wolter won the 2nd prize in of the Industry Studies Association (ISA) Dissertation Award in 2011. The title of the thesis was Technological Competences and Firm Boundaries: An Empirical and Conceptual Investigation of Diversification, Vertical Integration and Profitability.

Grant from NSF to study micro foundations of spillovers

Awarded Grant together with PI Steven Klepper to study whether clusters improve firm performance and what are the main mechanisms behind regional knowledge diffusion in the context of a cluster. The study focuses on the semiconductor industry in the US with a particular emphasis in Silicon Valley.


Awards and Grants


  1. 1.    ZON Chaired Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Católica Lisbon (2010)

  1. 2.    Alfred P. Sloan Industry Studies Fellowship Award for academic and outreach impact in auto sector (2008)

  1. 3.    Stan Hardy Award of the Decision Sciences Institute for the most outstanding research paper published in
        2008 in the field of Operations Management (2009)

  1. 4.    Wickam Skinner Award for best unpublished paper (runner up) at Production and Operations Management
        Society Annual Research Conference (2008)

  1. 5.    Main advisor for best dissertation award winning theses of Claudia Gonzalez (INFORMS - 2005); Jaegul Lee
        (Industry Studies Association [ISA] 2006); Brian Fifarek (INFORMS 2009); Claudio Wolter (ISA - 2011)

  1. 6.    MIT/TPP award for excellence and leadership in technology and policy (1998)

  1. 7.    Winner of the MIT 2.810 CAD/CAM Car Competition (1996)

  1. 8.    JNICT-ISEG award for the best student in the technology management MSc. (1996)

  1. 9.    Promindústria (venture capital firm) award for the best entrepreneurial project in IST (1991)

  1. 10.    Portuguese Government Fellowships for MSc. and PhD. Studies


  1. 1.    Carnegie Mellon-Portugal: “‘User Innovators’ in Development of Telecom Products & Services” (2010). PI

  2. 2.    NSF: “Clusters, Heritage and the Microfoundations of Spillovers-Semiconductor lessons” (2010). Co-PI

  3. 3.    Carnegie Mellon-Portugal: “Human Capital, Knowledge Firms & Entrepreneurial Life-Cycle” (2009). Co-PI

  4. 4.    NSF: “The Rise of Co-invention: A New Phase in the Globalization of Innovation?” (2008). Co-PI.

  5. 5.    Richard King Mellon Foundation: “The Reach and Impact of Publicly Funded TBED Programs” (2008) PI

  6. 6.    Alcoa Inc and Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance: “Knowledge Reuse for Innovation” (2008) PI.

  7. 7.    NSF: “Evaluation of Research Groups: An Endogenous Approach” (2007). PI.

  8. 8.    NSF: “Sustainability in Disruptive Tech Contexts: Dynamic Capabilities & the Locus of Innovation.” (2007). PI.

  9. 9.    IMVP: Grant for research on automotive supplier global location issues, analysis of automotive supplier
        capabilities and firm response to technology forcing regulation (2004; 2005, 2006, 2007). PI

  10. 10.   CONACYT Mexico: “The Impact and Productivity of Mexican S&T in a Global Context.” (2006). PI

  11. 11.   NSF: “Technology-Forcing Regulation: A Tale of Two Automotive Technologies” (2005). Co-PI.

  12. 12.   Berkman Development Fund at CMU: “An Endogenous Evaluation of Research Groups.” (2004) PI

  13. 13.   NSF: “Outsourcing Technological Innovation to Foreign Technology Centers” (2004) Co-PI

  14. 14.   PA Infrastructure Tech Alliance: “Outsourcing Technology Innovation to Foreign Centers” (2004,2006) Co-PI

  15. 15.   Inmetco corporation: “Outsourcing Technological Innovation to Foreign Technology Centers.” (2004) Co-PI.

  16. 16.   Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT): “Globalization, Diversification and Technological Capability.” Co-PI

  17. 17.   Brazilian Government grant for research on the development of the local software industry (2002) Co-PI

  18. 18.   Portuguese Government grants for research on the local Autoparts Industry (1999, 2000, 2003) PI


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