Francisco Cisternas Vera

  Marketing PhD Student – Carnegie Mellon University




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    Phone: 412 251-2154



    Tepper School of Business

    Carnegie Mellon University

    5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.

    Office: 261, Posner Hall


·         Ph.D. in Marketing, Tepper School of Business,

Carnegie Mellon University (expected 2016)

·         M.Sc. in Marketing, , Tepper School of Business,

Carnegie Mellon University (2013)

·         M.Sc. in Operations Management, Engineering School,

University of Chile (2006)

·         B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Engineering School,

University of Chile (2006)



Curriculum Vitae



Interested in analyzing the effects of new technologies on the interaction between consumers and companies. My research combines elements quantitative marketing and operations management.



Research Interests:

o   Mobile and Online Marketing

o   Multi-Channel Management

o   Demand Optimization

o   Sports Marketing

o   Health Marketing



Job Market Paper:

“Reshaping Bank Branch Networks due to Mobile Banking,” with A. Montgomery and W. Van Hoeve - Abstract


Work In Progress:

o    “Influencing product competition through shelf design,” with A. Montgomery and T. Derdenger Abstract

    • “Optimizing a Bank Branch Network in the Presence of Mobile Banking,” with A. Montgomery and W. Van Hoeve - Abstract
    • “Using elimination by aspect theory to model consumer search in product display to optimize product blocking for traditional and online retailers,” with C. Morewedge  - Abstract

Awards and Honors:                                                                                                       

    • The Dipankar and Sharmila Chakravarti Fellowship—awarded every year to a Tepper School PhD student in recognition of outstanding contributions to research in the field of Marketing
    • PNC Center for Financial Services Innovation Research Grant 2014-2015—PNC awarded financial support and data commitment during one year for the completion of a project that will give recommendations about branch network adaptation in the presence of mobile banking
    • William Larimer Mellon Fellowship Award, Carnegie Mellon University ($82,500 per year during 4 years)—in recognition of past academic achievements and doctoral work potential
    • Outstanding Student Performance Award (top 5% of more than 4,000 students), School of Engineering, University of Chile.

Other Publications:

Teaching Experience:


Graduate level

          Business Intelligence*                                                      Probability and Statistics

          Applications of Data Mining in Industry

Undergraduate level

          Principles of Marketing* - Evaluation Report                Econometrics

          Engineering of Marketing                                                             Business Intelligence*

          Data Mining                                                                       Industrial Economy

          Optimization*                                                                    Project Evaluation

          Contemporary Physics                                                      Physics Laboratory

Executive Programs

          Use of SAS in Data Mining*                                             Business Intelligence*

(* as independent instructor)








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