The Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Finance Association is seeking to develop stronger bonds with alumni in the finance world. We look to maintain contact with alumni who are willing to share with us their experiences and knowledge in finance.

The goal is to expand the alumni network and provide as much resource to current students as possible. Please email with the following information (Each field is optional; provide only information that you're comfortable providing):


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Important Note: This information will not be distributed or used for soliciting purposes. If you wish to speak with an officer of the organization, please visit the Contact Us page.


Graduating Officers of Undergraduate Finance Association:

Jon Anderson (Goldman Sachs)
Yan Chow (Lehman Brothers)
Sameer Rathod (Citigroup)
Sangitha Skandarkumaran (Citigroup)
Alex Weiss (Lehman Brothers)
Aaron Weitman (TBA)