"Founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers, National Engineers Week is celebrated annually by thousands of engineers, engineering students, teachers, and leaders in government and business. In 1990, the National Engineers Week consortium expanded its scope and now includes more than 100 engineering, scientific, and education societies, and major corporations dedicated to increasing public awareness and appreciation of technology and the engineering profession.  Co-chairs for 2001 are the National Society of Professional Engineers(NSPE)and IBM." -www.eweek.org

  The National Engineer's Week planning Committee has put together the following events for the Carnegie-Mellon Community.  The events aresponsored by:
Northrop Grumman
Carnegie Mellon Engineering
Society of Women Engineers
International Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Tau Beta Pi
Eta Kappa Nu
National Society of Black Engineers

Draft Schedule Location & Times Subject to change    

Skibo Mixer   
     Come enjoy free drinks at Skibo with all your friends!
      5:00-7:00 @ Skibo Coffeehouse

Paper Airplane Design Competition
     Design an airplane and perhaps win a prize!
      ??? @ Kirr Commons

Benefits & Compensation Workshop

      Ready to accept that great offer?
      6:00-7:00 @ Writght Room

Basketball Tournament
     Showoff your skills in a 3-on-3 game!
      7:00-11:00 @ Old Skibo Gym      

Human Foosball
      Confused?  Come for the ultimate Foosball experience!
      2:00-4:00 @ Old Skibo Gym

Nasser's Event
       Meet & Greet...cause it's Nasser's Event!
      6:30-7:30 @ Connan Room

Movie  OfficeSpace
      See what's in store for your future, plus Free Food!
      7:30-11:00 @ Connan Room & McConomy

People Skills Workshop
        See engineer talk...
        5:00-6:00 @ UC
Stress & Coping Seminar
       See engineer stress...
       6:00-7:00 @ Connan Room
Dimensions - Dressed for Success
       See engineer dress...
       7:30-8:00 @ Dowd Room
Impromptu Design Competition
       See engineer play (and win prizes!)...
        8:30-10:00 @ Hamburg 100


Chip Contest
       Stick blurb here.
        5:00-6:00 @ TB


        Get free food and prizes!  Listen to Keynote speaker Gary Kiliany!
         6:30-9:00 @ Rangos

Community Service
         Give something back and share your interest in science with
        local middle school students!
       Contact edmiller
Ice Skating
       11:45-1:45 @ Schenley Park Ice Rink

Panel & Info Session
      Meet the companies that sponsored us!
       12:30-1:30 @ Singleton