98-278: Introduction to Animal Psychology

Spring 2016

Lecture: 6:30PM - 7:20PM, BH 237B

Instructor: Emily Yeh (emilyy)

Elephants mourn for their dead, captive dolphins can fall into insanity, and chimpanzees have nearly photographic memories but poor spoken word comprehension. This course is designed to give students an introduction to modern discoveries in animal psychology. Topics covered include animal consciousness, communication/learning, relationships, and emotions. We will also go in-depth with specific animals and explore the emotions and cognitive abilities of these species in order to gain a better understanding of how to interpret animal behavior as thoughts.

Counseling and Therapy Resources

CMU Counseling and Psychological Services (CaPS) - Free short-term therapy for CMU students. Open daily during work hours for drop-ins and for scheduled appointments (to schedule, call: 412-268-2922).

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC) - 24-hour emergency walk-in and crisis interventions, health services, regular therapy (Recommended)

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