Edward McFowland III


Please visit my new website, as I am now an Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Decision Sciences in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota!

I graduated in May 2015 with a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University, as well as a Masters degree from the Machine Learning Department.  While at CMU I was a recipient of both the AT&T Labs Fellowship and the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.  My research interests include efficient statistical machine learning methods for anomalous pattern detection in massive multivariate data and their application to business, policy, and management. I am (still) affiliated with the Event & Pattern Detection Lab (Heinz College); my Ph.D. was advised by Professor Daniel Neill.

Originally I am from Saint Louis, MO and I am still what can only be characterized as a die-hard Saint Louis Cardinals Fan.

About Me

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