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Q1.Why is that darn internet so IMPORTANT?
A. I suppose the internet is important, say, in relation to strawberry-flavored milk, but in the grand scheme of things, is it really so very important? I think not. Everyone is stuggling to find meaning in life (whether they realize it or not), and the internet is just a repository of the information people generate during that search.
Q2. Vector vs. Bitmap?:Challenge 2001
vector vs. bitmapA. A bit-map image is made up of tiny dots. It is easy to make a photo-realistic image using a bitmap. A vector image, on the other hand, is made up of straight lines connecting mathmatically-defined points. Because they are mathematical instructions, file sizes are much smaller than their bitmap counterparts. Details and definition remain sharp when scaling or zooming vector images. I am not sure which type of image will win the popularity battle.
Q3. I want to learn!(?)
A. I would like to know how to do neat things with my pages that are totally beyond my current capabilities. I want to create a new way of designing and navigating the web that is less dependant on clicking small lines of text. I want a more visual overview of where I will go when I click a link.
I also want the web to be more 4-dimensional. Strangely enough,the web seems to have provided the ability to manipulate images across time, but offers no access to the third dimension.

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