Eric Anderson
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Industrial product design was the focus of my career for the first four years. Typical of many design consultant offices in the late 1980's, few opportunities were offered in the consumer areas. Mann-Horton Associates was a small design consultancy where we were busy designing products for industrial and medical testing.

This section is in its beginning development stages and will eventually show a range of products that highlight solutions across a several industries. Currently what is shown is are a few examples - from a small lab top analyzer to a large automated analyzer that performs varied tests from a sample of blood.



A. Food Analyzer- A laboratory top instrument that analyzes the content of dry food. The design was developed at Mann-Horton for Bran+Lubbe, a division of Technicon Instruments.



B. Commercial Service Mugs - Developed at Mann-Horton for Prolon, a division of National Plastics Corporation


C. DTA Analyzer - One of a major identity study for a new line of blood analyzers for Technicon

D. Instrument Bezel - Part of a line developed at Mann-Horton for Kratos-Omega

F. Food Register - Developed for Comtrex for the fast food industry
E. High Speed Blood Analyzer -