Eric Anderson
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Interdisciplinary experiences taught me early in my career the importance of clear visual communication. The varied perspectives and range of visual understandings that I encountered among individuals with diverse backgrounds often left opportunity for misinterpretation, and confusion within the design process. In response I frequently played key roles in developing appropriate visual information that increased understandings and provided opportunities for the exchange of ideas. These roles involved creating and managing the development of numerous presentations using drawing, imaging, and modeling. As a result, I have acquired a deeper understanding of the visualization process and have effectively and efficiently used it to communicate with broad range of people, nationally and internationally.

I define visualization as a process of mentally constructing, shaping and understanding information, and the ability to externally communicate it. This process extends beyond simply representing in visual terms using manual activities such as drawing, imaging (photography, collages), or making skills. Rather it relies on these abilities as methods for thinking, conceiving, exploring, and proposing ideas - in essence being pathways for design. As an educator, I have applied my knowledge in this area toward identifying and responding to the visualization needs of students in design, and in particular those in the early levels. Through ongoing research activities I continue to explore and discover new knowledge that has helped me shape flexible teaching models that have increased student confidence, enabled understanding, stimulated creativity, and allowed for the communication of ideas effectively and efficiently. Though my research has proved valuable, the broader aim seeks to provide tools that engage students across all education and discipline areas, and to enhance and promote visual literacy (with in the context of design) as a skill for thinking and communicating. Towards this goal I have selectively expanded my research and established collaborative within the university and exterior into the larger community (Diagram 1). It is in these areas that my research breaks new ground and has importance. Through my publications and presentations in national and international venues, I am increasingly recognized by peers for research in this area.


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