Eric Anderson
Eco Navigator Personal Cube Vessel Project Personal Device

“A Creative Problem Solving Toolkit for Non-Designers” Graduate Thesis
Hillary Carey and Emma van Niekerk, Interaction Design Carnegie Mellon
Two master’s candidates joined their skills in order to better tackle the problem of making the process of design more accessible to non-designers. Their final deliverable was a poster and guidebook to assist educators in taking middle school children through a creative problem solving process, and provide them with transferable skills for problem solving.
Spring 2003

Independent Study Courses

Fall 2003 Product design and development: a study in developing advanced
product ideas and forms and developing realistic specifications and
cost quotes for manufacturing. Lisa Yanz is a senior industrial design student who is working with me and Bally Design of Pittsburgh to achieve these educational goals.

Spring 2003 Design in the Community. A jointly created design course with Professor Hughes (School of Design) to research, design and install a
creative library space. The course enrolled four Carnegie Mellon design students: Edleen Gelin, Carolyn Griffel, Kristen Jones,
Erin Voorhies

Spring 2002 Conceptual design of a home entertainment system for the year 2010.
Gabriel Sabourin, Industrial Design Senior

Spring 2001 Designing a personal product that response to sensory input.
Anna Fortin, Industrial Design Senior

Spring 2000 Learning techniques to automotive styling through drawing and
modeling. Jon Mayer, Junior & Michael Castellana, Sophomore Industrial Design Students

Spring 1999 Designing an interactive kiosk for retail spaces.
Sasha Braverman, Industrial Design Senior

Surge Grant
Spring 2001 Awarded to Anna Fortin for the conceptual development of personal sensory product. $500.00