Eric Anderson
Eco Navigator Personal Cube Vessel Project Personal Device


A project sponsored by the Institute for Complex Engineering Systems (ICES) at Carnegie Mellon. The goal of this project was to propose concepts for wearable technology devices that were 5 - 10 years in the future. The ideas were heavily influenced by fashion and human interface. The ideas from this class received exposure in many different venues including an article published in Innovations, a publication by the INdustrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). IN addition, many of the students were invited to participate in a wearable technology fashion show held in New York city in October 2000. Shown here are a few examples of that studio work.



As the Internet continues to expand, and computational devices become more pervasive physical design of products, which link new and varied users to vast amounts of information opportunities, becomes ever important. How will new computing devices evolve to meet the needs of users? With ever increasing functionality, can we envision solutions that are compelling and fun to use? This course will provide students with the experience of inventing the future in the context of current and evolving technologies.

This project focused on the next stage of personal computing devices for Generation “Y”. This group includes ages from 5 – 20, however we focused on junior high, high school, and first year college students. The physical products developed will provide a better interaction with information on the web, and enhance the user experience in order to create a device that is engaging and enjoyable.