Eric Anderson
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My consumer product design experiences have provided me insights into consumer research methodologies, product development practices, and a better understanding of marketing objectives, engineering and manufacturing requirements, and consumer needs and desires.

I have designed and developed consumer products in both corporate and consultant environments. My significant experiences were achieved while with Goody Products, Inc. Goody specialized in hair styling products and accessories (brushes, combs, mirrors, adult and children hair barretts, etc.), but also had a separate division, Pretty Neat, which focused on storage and travel organizers. My direct contributions invovled updating several product lines and developing new product opportunities. Shown here through product photos are examples of products that are on the market. Additionally through drawings are conceptual proposals that were developed but were not manufactured.



A. Travel Accessory Line - Pretty Neat's "bread and butter" products were its travel accessory line (soap dish, tooth brush holder, razor case). This line was the first major update and offered a line extension that included a pill case, general organizer, lotion bottle and sprayer. It also offered a departure from Pretty Neat's simplistic aesthetic and introduced a new form language that would help to position this line to a more distinguished consumer.



B. Sport Travel Line - A new line of travel organizers for Pretty Neat for the spa consumers


C. Hair Lift - An update to Goody's classic hair-lift/pick  

D. Ace Styling Line - The first line of styling tools created around the ACE identity, a brand initially created to target men

E. Ace Travel Line - New line of travel items (soap dish, razor case and toothbrush holder - not shown) designed to compliment the styling line

F. Styling Brushes - a redesign G. Medicine Cabinet Organizers - Concept proposals for considering opportunities to organize new areas in the home
H. Mirror line - An update to Goody's traditional hand-held styling mirror line I. Soft Case Organizers - An exploration and testing of new market concepts for a "Sport" cosmetic soft cases line for Pretty Neat
J. Desk Accessories - A full line of office desk accessories were generated for Esselte' Pendaflex when I was affiliated with Mann-Horton Design Consultants. Several were produced including a files storage and hangle unit. The renderings shown represent the new look generated   K. Child Safety Cap - As a freelancer for Acme Animation, Ltd. one of the projects that I worked on was to generate new options for child safety caps. The new designs considered ease of use for the elderly while creating new challenges for kids
L. Gecko Refrigerator Magnet (Pro-E model) developed as a freelance for Daedalus Design