Eric Anderson
Eco Navigator Personal Cube Vessel Project Personal Device

Hill House Association (Internally Funded Activity)
Assistant Professors Eric Anderson and Kristin Hughes, School of Design, developed an educational support model titled “BEAM” (Building Environments for Active Minds), using Hill House Association (Pittsburgh) as an community representative. The pilot project for this model was “BEAM: A youth inspired library.” The goal was to transform an old office space into a Scholastics youth library and include community youth as team members. Design thinking and methodologies were used as a catalyst. Hill House provided funding for the design and installation of the project.
Spring 2002 - $12,000

Berkman Faculty Development Grant (Carnegie Mellon University)
A grant awarded to Assistant Professors Eric Anderson and Kristin Hughes towards creating an educational support model that would introduce design thinking and methodologies as developmental and sustainable learning tools. This research activity resulted in the development of “BEAM: Building Environments for Active Minds.”
Spring 2002 - $6,000.00

Compaq Computer Corporation
Supported project for the Products in Systems IV - ID course (51-312). The goals were to research and develop product concepts for the next stage in personal computing for the “Generation Y” consumer (defined as youth ages 13 – 20).
Spring Semester 2000 - $3,000

Institute for Complex Engineering Systems (ICES)
Interaction Design Studio, Carnegie Mellon University
A sponsored project for the Products in Systems IV - ID course (51-312). The goal was to explore and develop concepts that considered incorporating future technologies into fashion, changing the current paradigm of what electronic devices can be. The project, titled “Streetware” has received national and international exposure, for innovative concepts, through publications and technology fashion shows. Such exposure includes:
• Internet World 1999 Fashion Show NY, USA (October 12, 1999)
• Images and article appeared in Innovation (IDSA magazine) Spring 2000 related to
• Article and images in FORM (European design magazine) in March 2000
• Images appeared in October 14, 1999 New York Times,
Spring Semester 1999 - $6,000