Eric Anderson
Eco Navigator Personal Cube Vessel Project Personal Device

  The Flow Form project is an abstract study of the fundamental elements of form that contribute to beauty and elegance in an object. While you will be using a specific product reference to develop your concepts, the goal of the project is not a practical/realistic solution…rather it must remain an abstraction.

Driving your form explorations is the notion that this object is created by the forces of water or wind and must reflect these qualities. As such… your form does not need to be symmetrical, but it should have some axial orientation.
It does not need to (and in fact should not) demonstrate any specific function beyond the simple criteria stated below. Execute the final form by cutting the 2.75”x 3. 5”x 8” block of basswood on the band saw.

The Four Board Stool - a seating device made from four boards having flat planes at right angles to each other limited to 60" x 4/4 unfinished poplar

The Vessel project will focus on generating forms that incorporate surfaces of revolution, intersecting and overlaying planes, and pierced negative spaces.

Students designed vessels that were produced by having a flat plane intersect a volume that is generated by revolving a profile. A requirement was to have an opening that pierces it’s volume. The outline, or profile of the flat plane should have an aesthetic relationship to the revolved form and the opening. All three of these basic formal elements (flat plane, revolved volume and opening) should work in harmony to produce an elegant, aesthetically pleasing vessel. In addition, explore, develop, and incorporate applied surface details that further express direction and contributes to the overall language and aesthetic quality of your concept.


Water Nozzle - This culuminating project experience challenges students to generate complex modeling concepts for a particular user group. The deliverables include a primer gray model and presentation panels to illustrate concept details and use.