Eric Anderson
Eco Navigator Personal Cube Vessel Project Personal Device

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
MFA Degree in Design Education
August 2003

MA Degree in Design Education
August 1997

Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia, PA
BS Degree in Industrial Design
May 1986


1996 Edith Fergus Gilmore Creativity Award (The Ohio State University)
1994 IDSA Annual Review - Best Category Goody Ace Brush Line
1986 Joseph Carreiro Creativity Award (Philadelphia College of Art)


1995 D388,960 - USA. Design Patent. Goody, Ace Oval Brush
1995 D357,582 - USA. Design Patent. Pretty Neat, Cosmetics Carrying Case
1993 D383,901 - USA. Design Patent. Goody Ace, Round and Club Brushes
1993 D334,428 - USA. Design Patent for Technicon, Blood Analyzer