Who We Are

Our purpose is to make eating healthier, helping the environment, and supporting local food growers as convenient as possible for our customers by delivering local grown food to our customers’ doorsteps at their request. One of our goals is to eliminate the number of steps normally taken in the food industry’s process of transporting and packaging food, and we accomplish just that by going local. Our local food delivery service greatly reduces the amount of C02 usually emmited during the production of food.

Our Fleet

Toyota Prius – cheap, small, very energy efficient, and gets the job done while customer base is small and budget is low.

Energy Efficient Delivery Trucks – for when our business grows and larger delivery vehicles are needed our goal will still be to stay green and save energy, so research into making deliv ery trucks more energy efficient will be done to find the best fit.

Our Team

  • Staff:

    Dylan Munoz
    Sophie Batton
    Nicholas Sclafani
    Taylor Bell