Duncan Campbell

You can find my scientific publications here.

CV in pdf Duncan Campbell

Research Interests

galaxy formation and evolution, large scale structure, dark matter


  • Yale University
    • 2018: Received a Doctor of Philosophy
      advisors: Nikhil Padmanabhan, Frank C. van den Bosch
    • 2011-2014: Master of Philosophy
    • 2011-2014: Master of Science
  • University of Michigan
    • 2006-2011: Bachelor of Science, Physics and Astronomy, Highest Honors
      mentor: Marta Volonteri


Scientific Talks

  • Abundance Matching in a Universe with Assembly Bias
    SnowPAC: The Galaxy Halo Connection, March 2016
  • Studying Galaxy Quenching Models with Group Catalogues
    In the Footsteps of Galaxies, September 2015
  • An Empirical Model of Galaxy Quenching
    Steward/NOAO Galaxy Group, May 2015
  • Galactic Conformity in Group Catalogues
    OSU Assembly Bias Workshop, November 2014

Professional Development

  • SciCoder Workshop, New York 2014
  • School on Dark Energy and Galaxy Redshift Surveys, Corfu Greece 2014
  • Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers VIII, Penn State 2012


  • Yale University, Teaching Fellow
    • Astronomy 160: Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics
    • Astronomy 170: Introduction to Cosmology
    • Astronomy 120: Galaxies and the Universe
    • Astronomy 155: Introduction to Astronomical Observing
  • University of Michigan, Teaching Assistant
    • Astronomy 102: Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Honors & Awards

  • Yale Gruber Science Fellow
  • University of Michigan Astronomy Research Award
  • University of Michigan Dean's List
  • University of Michigan University Honors
  • University of Michigan Scholar's Award