Mechanical Engineer, Designer, Creator

Good design is based in Perspectives, understanding the melding of systems and worldviews that affect the purpose and usage of an object. By training I am a Mechanical Engineer but by practice I am a Creator, through engineering, design, and ultimately, understanding. I have experience in blue-sky design, mechanical and manufacturing analysis, and project management. Products we create are never isolated, they are integrated with the emergent natural systems, metropolises, markets, and personal lives they inhabit. That is the philosophy I carry in my repertoire of travels and experiences—every object has the potential to better the world by melding Life factors, Design, Engineering, and Science, from the first pencil stroke to the last cog.

Carnegie Mellon Racing - FSAE

The Racing team is involved in the designing, manufacturing, and testing of a student-built Formula SAE Electric race car. As the System Leader for Chassis, I conducted the design, analysis, and manufacturing for our 16e Chassis involving cross attribute cooperation, in-depth FEA with beam modeling, and designing for welding manufacturing. In previous years, I led the mechanical integration of electrical components for 15e (car above) by designing and manufacturing brackets and enclosures for electronics such as Motor Controllers, sensors, and CAN nodes.


Buggy is a sport unique to Carnegie Mellon University. It involves racing shells (buggies) hurtling down hills at an upward of 40 miles per hour, followed by an uphill race of athletes pushing the buggy to the finish line. As Head Mechanic, I was deeply involved in the construction of team buggies including computer analysis and hand laying Carbon-composite structures to create the fastest buggy. As Chairman, I led all members and officers, taking the Apex team to its first top ten finish in history. Today, I am on my Fraternity team for the goal of a 1st Place finish, gaining 2nd place last year.

Vehicle Integration, Ford Motor Co.

As an Intern in Basic Design, Vehicle Integration, I was responsible for systems engineering in an all new vehicle platform during the planning stage. I was mainly focused on the upcoming Ford Explorer (last gen pictured above) and leading weekly forums for platform discussions about cross attribute issues. During my time I migrated an issue tracking system from Ford Europe to st reamline the issues tracking cadence. In addition, I instantiated discussions to solve underbody packaging issues rising from stakeholders such as Exhaust and Aerodynamics, and created a new hybrid vehicle benchmarking system.

Consumer R&D, Johnson & Johnson

At J&J, I was a part of the o.b. Tampon Development team where I was given the task of designing a new generation of tampons. I created a framework for understanding consumer interaction, female anatomy, brand perception, and manufacturing to isolate where the issues and opportunities lay. Then I led the development of novel tampon prototypes using surface modelling, original design cues, and rapid prototyping. This resulted in the development of new patentable concepts that are currently in consumer studies.

Water Transportation and Filtration

As part of Mechanical Engineering Capstone class we aimed to attack the worldwide problem of access to clean water. Our solution is a rolling drum-in-drum design that was inspired by the Hippo Roller but also incorporates an inline filtration system powered by rolling the barrel. This novel approach also reduces the cost of manufacturing by reusing industrial food barrels which can be found across the world. Our project was voted Best Overall at the Carnegie Mellon Mechanical Engineering Design Expo.

Club Foot Correction Research

Club foot affects millions of people worldwide, and corrective surgery can be very difficult due to a multitude of joints on the brace. I am working with a Phd. Candidate, Ying Ying Wu, on her project to simplify the problem from 6 Degrees of Freedom to 2. My role currently involves creating a passive robot arm to place the joints in their precise positions.

PET Thatch Project

A joint venture between Engineers Without Borders-CMU and the Reuse Everything Institute, this project revolves around the concept of using PET bottle waste to create durable roofing to replace natural thatch to reduce waste and provide natural light. As a Project Lead for 2 years I led many ventures from Materials testing and field testing in Ecuador, to creating industry partners. In Ecuador I led the processing of 1200 bottles to create several types of roofing for a Gazebo at the Maquipacuna Ecological Reserve in the Andean Choco forest.

Robot Wrist End Effector

This is a Robot End Effector designed to grip a 1 kg brass torus using torque from an output shaft while the arm above swung as a pendulum. The entirety of the design revolved around rapid prototyping using laser cut plywood and 3D printed ABS to create a lightweight yet easily manufactured gripper. This was a project in my Mechanical Engineering Design I Class.

Cardboard Chair

This was a project in my Industrial Design Fundamentals class. The prompt was simple, build a cardboard chair, no fasteners, no glue. My goal was to make something reminiscent of a Business Class Airline seat, an ergonomic chair with features like an armrest and tray table to make it more usable. The inner structure is made of large vertical sheets and held together by square cardboard tubes to create a lightweight, yet robust and comfortable seat.

Sunrise Alarm

The Sunrise Alarm was designed to alleviate common dorm room problems by preventing waking up other occupants, supporting on a bunk bed support, and be operable from the users phone. After researching common bedside habits and issues associated with current alarms I created a preliminary proof of concept was created to portray a comforting form that was also functional in holding a phone and serving as a direct light alarm. Then I integrated a TI Launchpad to start to build capability to connect to Android devices and be open to a modular system for vibration or sound attachments.


Booth is a Carnegie Mellon tradition where organizations build themed house-like structures in the span of one week during Carnival. As a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, I was involved in the construction of the 2-story wooden structure and finishing of the decorative components. It is a unique construction and project management experience since the atmosphere is very fast paced and yet there is crucial attention to safety, machining, and detail. We achieved 1st Place twice in the past 3 years.

FIRST Robotics

During High School I developed key skills in engineering and team management through my involvement in FIRST FRC Team 151. I was primarily involved in the electrical and mechanical aspects of the robot. I developed experience in using Autodesk Inventor and PTC Pro-E to model structures and assemblies. While working in the electrical aspect I gained experience in designing and analyzing circuits with respect to both low power devices and high power actuators. I worked with BAE engineers to appropriate deadlines and design reviews to best move the team forward gaining indispensable experience in rapid troubleshooting and decision making.

Philippines Civil Engineering Volunteering

I joined an Engineering Volunteer/Mission through a neighbouring school to better see the Philippines. Over the course of 2 weeks we entertained children, dug a drainage canal, built a concrete footbridge, fixed typhoon struck homes, and installed a water pump in the suburbs of Manila. Spending my time in the slums, I learned the true meaning of community and had the opportunity to learn Engineering and Management in low resources areas.

Upcoming & Other Projects

At any given time I am involved with 4 to 5 projects from Design and Engineering to managing a large team. I love tinkering and making a positive impact so I usually find myself with a full plate. Here are a few projects that aren’t on my website yet, or are still being developed.