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  Technology Strategy &
  Product Management




Reasearch Interests:
Quantitative Marketing:
Technology and Sports Markets

"Data Policy and Chioces in Platforms" with H. Bhargava, O. Rubel, E. Altman, R. Arora, J. Boehnke, K. Daniels, B. Kirschner, D. LaFramboise, P. Loupos, G. Parker, and A. Pattabhiramaiah, Marketing Letters, Vol 31, December 2020, pp 323-334

"Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Aggregate Data:  Properties of the Inclusive Value Approximation" with Vineet Kumar, Quantitative Marketing and Economics Vol. 17,
No. 4, December 2019, pp 359-384
(Lead Article)

"Linear Estimation of Aggregate Dynamic Discrete Demand for Durable Goods: Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality" with Cheng Chou and Vineet Kumar, Marketing Science Vol. 38,
No. 5, September-October 2019, pp 888-909      
Online Appendix

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with Kevin Chung and Kannan Srinivasan, Marketing Science,  
Vol. 32, No. 2, March–April 2013, pp. 271–293

Research Paper(s) in Progress:
"Discrete Choice Demand Estimation Leveraging Overlapping of Consumers: Estimating the Informative and Prestige Effects of Celebrity Endorsements" with Cheng Chou

"Funding of Innovative Products: The Impact of Non-Pecuniary Income on Choice" with Kannan Srinivasan 

"Influencing Product Competition through Shelf Design" with Francisco Cisternas, Wee Chaimanowong, and Alan Montgomery

"A Stochastic, Dynamic Model for Optimizing Home Video Release" with Franco Berbeglia and Sridhar Tayur

Strategic Implications of Binge Consumption for Entertainment Goods: an Analysis of AVOD Services" with Franco Berbeglia, Kannan Srinivasan, and Joseph Xu