• Chinese Style BBQ Pork Sandwich 3.95
    (A Traditional Snack from Xian, Braised Pork in a Sweet and Tangy Sauce, Stuffed in a Bun with Peppers, Onions, and Cilantro)

  • Spicy Summer Chicken (served chilled) ˮ 7.95
    (Traditional Chinese Chicken Dish, Whole Leg with Bone Sliced and Topped with Peanuts and a spicy Sauce)

  • Spicy Summer Chicken Salad (served chilled) ˺ 8.95
    (Finely Chopped, Boneless Chicken, Dusted with Peanuts and Tossed in a Spicy Sauce)

  • Beef Noodle Soup ţ 9.95
    (Homemade Noodle in Beef Broth Soup)

  • Shredded Pancake w/ Lamb Soup 12.95
    (Homemade Pancake in Lamb Broth Topped w/ Scallion, Cilantro, and Lamb Chile Oil)

  • Minced Lamb Soup 12.95
    (Homemade Noodle, Lamb, Carrots and Radish in Spicy Broth)

  • Pickle Pork Noodle Soup ѩ˿ 10.95
    (Traditional Homemade Noodle with Stir Fry Pork and Topped with Chinese Pickled Vegetables)

  • Sichuan Style Fish Stew (VERY spicy!) ˮ 18.95
    (Lightly Fried Fish Fillet in Spicy Broth)

  • Chinese Pickle With Squid ѩī 13.95
    (Chinese Pickle and Squid Stir Fry)

  • Sichuan Style Spicy Fish Hot Pot (VERY Spicy!!) ɹ 15.95
    (A specialty of Sichuan Cuisine, Seasoned with Hot Chili Peppers and Mouth-tingling mala peppers, Served Over Open Flame)

  • Sichuan Style Spicy Chicken (VERY spicy!!) Ĵɹ 12.95
    (Lightly Fried Chicken and Vegetables In Chef's Special Spicy Sauce)

  • Hot Pepper Chicken (spicy!) Ӽ 9.95
    (Chicken Stir Fried with Hot Pepper)

  • Xinjiang Style Chicken (VERY spicy!!)½̼ 19.95
    (A Spicy Chicken Dish with Potatoes, Green Peppers, Star Anise, Whole Chili Peppers, and Home-made Xinjiang-style Noodles, Serves Two)

  • Lamb Kebab ǩ⴮ 14.95
    (Bite-sized pieces of lamb meat seasoned in a delicious blend of spices from Silk Road Roasted Over an Open Flame (The Perfect Snack))

  • Sichuan Style Beef Stew (VERY spicy!!) ˮţ 15.95
    (Sliced Beef Tender Stir Fried In Sichuan Style Broth)

  • Chinese Pickle Beef ѩţ˿ 11.95
    (Sliced Beef Tender Stir Fried with Chinese Pickle)

  • Home-Style Beef w/ Pickled Cabbage (spicy!) ţ 14.95
    (Sliced Tender Beef Stir Fry with Pickled Chinese Cabbage)

  • Sichuan Style Spicy Beef Hot Pot (VERY Spicy!!)ɹţ 14.95
    (A Specialty of Sichuan Cuisine, Seasoned with Hot Chilli Peppers and Mouth-tingling Mala Peppers, Served Over Open Flame)

  • Salt Baked Pork Ribs Ź 12.95
    (Deep-Fried Pork Ribs with Hot Peppers)

  • Ma Po Bean Curd (VERY spicy!!) Ŷ 9.95
    (Ground Pork and Soft Tofu Stir Fry In Chef's Special Sichuan Style Sauce)

  • Home-made Spicy Potato (spicy!) ˿ 8.95
    (Shredded Potato Stir Fry In Home-made Sauce)

  • Home-Style Chinese Cabbage (spicy!) ײ˿ 8.95
    (Shredded Chinese Cabbage in Chef's Special Sauce)

  • Sichuan Style Spicy Tofu Hot Pot (VERY Spicy!!) ɹ 9.95
    (A specialty of Sichuan Cuisine, Seasoned with Hot Chilli Peppers and Mouth-tingling Mala Peppers, Served Over Open Flame)