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In Press Tabibnia, G., Creswell, J.D., Kraynack, T.E., Westbrook, C., Julson, E., & Tindle, H.A. (in press). Common prefrontal regions activate during self-control of craving, emotion, and motor impulses in smokers. Clinical Psychological Science. [article]

Creswell, J.D. (in press) Biological pathways linking mindfulness with health. Eds. Brown, K.W., Creswell J. D., & Ryan, R. Handbook on Mindfulness Science. Guilford Publications, New York, NY. [article]

Klatzky, R.L. & Creswell, J.D. (in press) An Inter-Sensory Account of Priming Effects--and their Absence. Perspectives on Psychological Science. [article]

Creswell, J.D., Bursley, J.K., & Satpute, A.B. (in press) Neural Reactivation Links Unconscious Thought to Decision Making Performance. Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience. [article]
2013 - 2014 Burklund, L. J., Creswell, J.D., Irwin, M.R., & Lieberman, M. D. (2014). The common and distinct neural bases of affect labeling and reappraisal in healthy adults. Frontiers in Psychology, 5: 221. [article]

Creswell, J.D., Pacilio, L.E., Lindsay, E.K. & Brown, K.W. (2014). Brief mindfulness meditation training alters psychological and neuroendocrine responses to social evaluative stress. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 44, 1-12. [article]

Taren, A.A., Creswell, J.D., Gianaros, P.J. (2013) Dispositional Mindfulness Co-Varies with Smaller Amygdala and Caudate Volumes in Community Adults. PLoS One. [article]

Holzel, B.K., Hoge, E.A., Greve, D.N., Gard, T., Creswell, J.D., Brown, K.W., Barrett, L.F., Schwartz, C., Vaitl, D., & Lazar, S.W. (2013) Neural Mechanisms of Symptom Improvements in Generalized Anxiety Disorder Following Mindfulness Training. NeuroImage: Clinical. [article]

Creswell, J.D., Dutcher, J.M., Klein, W.M.P, Harris, P.R., & Levine, J.M. (2013) Self-Affirmation Improves Problem-Solving Under Stress. PLoS One. [article]

Creswell, J.D., Pacilio, L.E., Denson, T.F., & Satyshur, M (2013) The Effect of a Primary Sexual Reward Manipulation on Cortisol Responses to Psychosocial Stress in Men. Psychosomatic Medicine. [article]
2011 - 2012 Creswell, J.D., Irwin, M. R., Burklund, L. J., Lieberman, M. D., Arevalo, J., Breen, E., & Cole, S. (2012) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction training reduces loneliness and pro-inflammatory gene expression in older adults: a small randomized controlled trial. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. [article]

Denson, T. F., Creswell, J. D., & Granville-Smith, I. (2012). Self-focus and social evaluative threat increase salivary cortisol responses to acute stress in men. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, DOI 10.1007/s10865-011-9393-x. [article]

Westbrook, C., Creswell, J. D., Tabibnia, G., Julson, E., Kober, H., & Tindle, H., (2011). Mindful attention reduces neural and self-reported cut-induced cravings in smokers. SCAN, 1-12. [article]

Kilpatrick, L. A., Suyenobu, B. Y., Smith, S. R., Bueller, J. A., Goodman, T., Creswell, J. D., Mayer, E. A., & Naliboff, B. D. (2011). Impact of Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction training on resting state networks. NeuroImage, 56, 290-298. [article]
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2007 - 2008 Ward, A., Mann, T., Westling, E.H., Creswell, J.D., Ebert, J.P., & Wallaert, M. (2008). Stepping up the pressure: arousal can be associated with a reduction in male aggression. Aggressive Behavior, 34, 584-592. [article]

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