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Our research focuses broadly on how the mind and brain influence our physical health and performance. Currently much of our work explores basic questions about stress and its role in health and disease, and in identifying novel stress reduction pathways. For example, we are conducting studies examining how mindful awareness, mindfulness meditation, and self-affirmation reduce stress and improve health outcomes in a variety of patient populations. It is also important to understand how stress management (and adaptive coping) can be learned, and more recently we are exploring mechanisms of learning and memory consolidation using an experimental model of unconscious thought and decision making.

Our research works at the interface of health psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, social neuroscience, positive psychology, and social psychology. We are actively trying to advance theory and practice in the areas of self-regulation, stress and coping, social cognition, mind-body relationships, behavioral interventions, and performance enhancement.

The lab is directed by Assistant Professor J. David Creswell, PhD. To view his Curriculum Vitae click here.