About Us

The Carnegie Mellon Objectivist club is a student organization that studies and promotes Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism through intellectual discussion and debate and by providing access to relevant literature, activities, and information. At meetings, we watch videos, listen to recorded lectures, and read articles on Objectivism; more importantly, we then discuss the presented philosophical principles and their relevance and application to living in today's world.

We are a philosophy club—this does not mean that we sit around a room and ask if you can be sure that you exist. Objectivism does provide answers to such questions (SPOILER: you exist), but philosophy is not an academic game for ivory tower intellectuals; it is a crucial and practical tool that every person needs in one form or another to lead their lives.

The philosophy of Objectivism offers a practical and principled approach to life from which every individual can benefit. This is the primary value our club will aim to offer: a rational, consistent, practical worldview by which you can live your life. We also strive to bring students with an interest in Objectivism together socially, which can foster strong friendships formed on a foundation of common values.

Agreement with Objectivism is not a requirement to join the club, and every member is expected to think critically about the ideas contained in the philosophy. What is required, however, is an active mind and a sincere interest in learning about Ayn Rand's ideas and how those ideas apply to all aspects of life.

Current Officers

Officer Position
Paul Kennedy President
Duncan Boehle Secretary
Luke Whitestone Treasurer