Game & Experience Design
I'm a grad student in the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

With a deep passion for pacing in any medium, I was drawn to design from a tech-focused background to explore what exactly I was implementing. The nonlinear rhythms in the spaces and systems of experiences are distinctly special to me, and I hope to make my mark on their future as creative mediums.
Gameplay-as-story on a four player music platform used not as it is supposed to be.
A VR experience designed around freedom of flight.
A first person prison escape game called "WHO FRAMED ROGER CRAWFIS?"
Flour Tortilla is my criticism handle and project. Originally realized as a zine in 2018 to force me to socialize in new towns, it sticks around to this day. Works under and around that name remain scattered, so I collected most here.

April 2019

Super Hang-on, Black Emperor

Brief love notes to two games about racing bikes and the implied comparisons between them. ▻▻

January 2019

Building Virtual Appalachia

A brief reflection on my time spent both in the real Appalachia and the one of Fallout 76. It was surreal seeing this game be set in my home state, and the outcomes and fallout of its release were the jumping off point I needed for my thoughts on my background and life to coalesce. I still feels it has structural issues, but don't my thoughts have that as well? ▻▻

November 2018

Ambient Canvas | Into The Breach and Player Expression

A student publication discussing Into The Breach's unique spin on normal tactics games and how its aesthetic supports it. Complemented with a brief Q&A with Matthew Davis from Subset Games. ▻▻

October 2018

GDC'19 Narrative Review | Metal Gear Solid V 's Extratextual Pain

Submitted for the March 2019 GDC Game Narrative Review Program, this narrative analysis discusses the ways MGSV's extratextual cut content and communities work with the open world's emergent gameplay and storytelling. Perhaps excessive, but in my opinion a good distillation of the hours of conpiracy YouTube videos and lengthy text posts that went into its research. ▻▻

July 2017

Joie de vivre | Spreading love in Chibi-Robo!

Written in July 2017, this is a test article to be placed next to others in an overarching study of the studio Love-de-Lic. On ice until I learn Japanese or translation patches come out and until I read enough about the Japan of the 90s. ▻▻