Commit to the Bits
When: Spring 2019 (15 weeks)
Where: Entertainment Technology Center, CMU
Roles: Designer, Producer
Team Size: 5
Platform: Twitch
Engine: Unity, Twitch Dev Rig
The Process
Commit to the Bits was a discovery project exploring the intersection of improvisational theater and Twitch live streaming. By utilizing factors unique to Twitch such as audience members' mutual awareness of each other and their potential for dramatic agency, I helped design performative frameworks that encourage audience participation in the character work, active decision-making, and role-playing inherent to improv. Our deliverables were a set of novel user interaction prototypes exploring questions that arise from this design space and documentation of the corresponding design principles. Specifically, I organized ideation sessions, conducted and analyzed playtests, and created design documentation.

The Result
As part of the team, I designed 5 game prototypes investigating certain qualities of live streamed improv. For more information, please view my blog posts and our collected documentation at