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Hello! My name's Claire Chan. I'm currently a fourth year Computer Science student at Carnegie Mellon University with a minor in Human Computer Interaction. I'm passionate about creative design and development and I aim to build bridges between elegant code and beautiful design. I have a passion to create and I dream of developing products that will impact people all over the world.

I build from scratch because it gives me full control over my ideas. All external resources used in my work are created from stock images and open source code.


I aim to build beautiful, interactive sites that capture your attention.

    View: CMU Asian Students Association website
    Concept: We wanted a warm and inviting site to show off our sense of community. I used polaroids, weathered paper, bright colors, and playful fonts to create a unique scrapbook feel.
    Features: full jQuery animation, user can add photos through facebook

    View: Big Straw Magazine website
    Concept: The previous version of the site was serious and business professional. We went for a more fun, playful feel to reflect the new look of the magazine. Collaborators: Amanda Ko, Stephanie Yeung
    Features: animated "bubble" navigation




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Claire Chan
Carnegie Mellon University
School of Computer Science '15