Articles in Preparation:

Lebiere, C., & Anderson, J. R. (in preparation).  The case for a hybrid architecture of cognition.

Lebiere, C., & Wallach, D. (in preparation).  Implicit does not imply procedural: A declarative theory of sequence learning.

Lebiere, C., & Wallach, D. (in preparation).  Instance-based models of problem-solving.

Lebiere, C., Wallach, D., & West, R. L. (in preparation).  Cognitive models of strategic games.

Lerch, F. J., Gonzalez, C., & Lebiere, C. (in preparation).  Cognitive modeling of performance and learning in a real-time dynamic decision-making task.

Wallach, D., & Lebiere, C. (in preparation).  Implicit and explicit knowledge in the Transportation Task.

Wallach, D., Lebiere, C., & Bracht, J. (in preparation).  ACT-R in experiment games with unique mixed strategy equilibria.

West, R. L., & Lebiere, C. (in preparation).  Stochastic resonance in cognitive systems.