Carlos Kemeny is an academic entrepreneurship leader. He is a passionate entrepreneur and innovator, creator and facilitator of collaborative entrepreneurship programs, researcher of private equity and policy, and an expert on leveraging data to inform decion-making and improve performance.


Entrepreneur. Carlos has been a part of several startups, including co-founding a data analytics company, as well as a commercialization consulting company. He has experience in the cleantech industry, where he co-launched an LED chip startup, performed marketing and strategy work at a venture-backed LED systems startup, and assisted with the due diligence of a multi-million dollar strategic investment at an intrapreneurial LED division of a $3B company.


Administrator. Carlos has created several entrepreneurship and commercialization programs. Through these efforts, he has served hundreds of faculty, students, and staff at a number of top-tier research universities. In his role managing operations for the first venture fund at Purdue University, he was responsible for the due diligence process and staff. He also created multi-disciplinary entreprenuership programs that led to the formation of numerous startups at Purdue.


Researcher. Mr. Kemeny is a Dual-Phd Candidate in Technological Change & Entrepreneurship and Engineering & Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. His research work has focused on analyzing trade secret protection and its influence on the private equity continuum of investment and exit. He has also studied the commercialization performance disconnect between private and public universities in the United States.


Optimizer. Carlos is passionate about life. He is a husband, father, 6-time marathon runner and Boston Marathon Qualifier, violionist of 25+ years, an aspiring chef, world-traveler (and tri-lingual), personal finance and budget guru, and Eagle Scout.