Trip to the Ozarks, August 2000

Christel family in front of Six Flags amusement park train

Our family took a trip to the Ozarks and the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas in August, 2000. We drove 2000 miles over two weeks, seeing a number of interesting places on our journey. Here you'll find links to an introductory animation and pictures from this trip.

Within Missouri, we saw many sites, including the Gateway Arch, the U.S. Grant National Historic Site and neighboring Grant's Farm, Six Flags St. Louis and Silver Dollar City amusement parks, Prairie State Park, Branson, and George Washington Carver National Monument. In Arkansas we saw Arkansas Scenic Route 7, the Buffalo National River, Hot Springs, Fort Smith National Historic Site, and Pea Ridge National Military Park where an important Civil War battle was fought for control of Missouri. In Oklahoma we stayed in Salisaw and saw the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge and then the Cherokee Heritage Center near Tahlequah. We visited my cousin in Kansas, and in and near Kansas City saw the Kansas City Zoo and in neighboring Independence, MO the Harry S. Truman National Historic Site. On the drive to these states from Pittsburgh, we stopped at Springfield, IL and saw the Lincoln Home National Historic Site and the Lincoln tomb. It was a fun-filled, sunny, hot two weeks!

Animated introduction to Ozarks trip pictures...

Lincoln sites in Springfield, IL

St. Louis and other Missouri sites

Hot Springs and other Arkansas sites

Cherokee Heritage Center and other Oklahoma sites

Kansas City sites