Color figures for the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems paper titled "Information Visualization Within a Digital Video Library."

Christel, Michael G. and Martin, David J. Information Visualization Within a Digital Video Library. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 11(3):235-257 (1998).

  • Figure 1. Informedia Digital Video Library System overview.
  • Figure 2. Effects of seeking directly to match point, courtesy of tight transcript to video alignment provided by speech recognizer.
  • Figure 3. Seek to match location after a face search.
  • Figure 4. Presentation of query results along with a title window for one of the results.
  • Figure 5. Title and query word coloring for another segment in result set (contrast with Figure 4).
  • Figure 6. Filmstrip (shot thumbnail images) for the same segment selected in Figure 4.
  • Figure 7. IDVLS interface following "rain forest temperature oxygen" query.
  • Figure 8. Results from Figure 7 after "oxygen" is removed from consideration and "Date" checked rather than "Relevance" for use in coloring the document representation.
  • Figure 9. Example of repositioning query word anchors (see Figure 7 for normalized positions).
  • Figure 10. Zoomed in view of subset of documents from Figure 9 layout.
  • Figure 11. Multiple zooms into the visualization canvas.
  • Figure 12. Details for subset of results defined by visualizer.
  • Figure 13. IDVLS VIBE interface using green, red, and blue colors for relevance, size, and date, dynamic sliders, and feedback concerning the distribution of documents under the cross-hairs mouse.
  • Figure 14. Preset IDVLS VIBE layout illustrating relationship of "tornado" to result set.
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