George Christel, 90 Years Young!

(See 95th birthday party page for 2004 photos of George at 95 as well.)

(See 100th birthday party page for 2009 photos of George at 100 as well.)

Photo of George Christel

George Christel was born on December 4, 1909 in Neuhausen, Germany, near Bamberg. He came to the United States on the S.S. Resolute in 1926, sailing from Hamburg on September 7 and arriving in New York City ten days later. He married Anna Gerling in 1933, and together they raised Don, Norm, Eddie, Catherine, George and Carol in Buffalo, New York. Fast-forwarding to 1999, we the extended family of George Christel are proud to celebrate his 90th birthday with him, complete with German music and food contributing to the festive occasion. These pictures capture some of the family and friends who were there and the good times we shared.

...Back to the Summer of 1958

This picture was taken in the dining room of George and Anna's home on Alma Avenue in Buffalo, New York.

George, Norm, Don, Anna, George, Eddie, Catherine and Carol

Same picture, higher resolution (328 KB)

Extended Family Sets

The children at the party

The grandchildren at the party

Spouses and "significant others" of the grandchildren at the party

The great-grandchildren at the party

(Links to high-resolution versions of these extended family sets are at the end of this page.)

Walking the Family Tree....

Photos of George's children

Don and Gerry

Norm with George

Cathy and Tony

Carol and Gene with their full family

Photos of George's grandchildren

Tony's family

Tom's family

Mike's family

Lynn's family

Barb's family

Sue's family

Ann's family

Mark and Jason with George

Karen with George

Walking the Party Tables....

Grandpa's table, going to his left...




To Grandpa's right...



Wrap-around, next...


Party Moments

The 90th birthday cake

Great restaurant, great music

Gifts at the head table

Extended Family Sets, High Resolution

(Access these only if you have a very fast Internet connection or are willing to wait forever.)

The children at the party (983 KB)

The grandchildren at the party (1030 KB)

Spouses and "significant others" of the grandchildren at the party (926 KB)

The great-grandchildren at the party (715 KB)

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