Coordinator Staff
To contact any of the staff, send an email to hotucc at yahoogroups dot com


Colin Cherry
crysknife27 at yahoo dot com

Vice President and ACC Events

James Auwaerter
sensei at cmu dot edu
Responsibilities of VP
Responsibilities of ACC Events

Corresponding Secretary

Jessica Hess
quack3 at gmail dot com Responsibilities
Recording Secretary


Ash Block
dryad at cmu dot edu
ACC Prestige



Responsibilities of the Treasurer:

- Maintain accurate records of our current budget
- Approve all expenditures
- Track expenditures and submit them to Student Activities in a timely manner.
- Once a year, prepare and submit our budget to the Joint Funding Committee, which provides our subsidy for the following year.
- Prepare and present any special allocation requests to student government as necessary (for example, a special allocation request for ICC.)
- Ensure that our money is spent in accordance with our budget
- Report once a month to the CC.

Responsibilities of the ACC Events:
- To plan and run ooc events.
- To reserve rooms.
- To manage Carnival security.

Responsibilities of the ACC Prestige:
- To record prestige reports.
- To do audits at the low level.
- To prepare the prestige section of the chapter report.

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