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About Me

I am a fifth year Ph.D student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

My advisor is Nathan Beckmann, and I am a member of the CORGi research group.

My research interests broadly include computer architecture and computer systems with a focus on caching. I am particularly interested in problems at the intersection of hardware and software.

I am also a member of the CALCM and PDL research organizations at CMU.

Research Projects

I am currently developing a near-data processing architecture to perform computation on data as it moves through the memory hierarchy.

I developed Jumanji, a data-placement technique for dynamic NUCA last-level caches in chip-multiprocessors. Whereas previous D-NUCA techniques focused on only throughput-oriented applications, Jumanji provides quality-of-service for datacenter workloads where multiple high-priority, latency-critical applications run alongside low-priority, batch applications and where applications across VMs require security isolation from each other.

I spent multiple internships at Google optimizing in-memory caches for miss ratio, I/O cost, and memory usage. This involved developing a production-accurate simulation infrastructure from scratch.

In undergrad, my research in game theory with the Teamcore Research Group (formerly at USC) contributed to PAWS: Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security.



  • Video Games
    • PC
    • Nintendo
  • Puzzles
    • Rubik's Cube Record: 15.43 seconds
    • (using MoYu AoLong V2)
    • Current 3x3 main: MoYu WeiLong GTS3 M
  • Bowling
    • High Game: 279
    • High Series: 701