Team F

Brandon Hoane, Chris Kaffine, Richard Lee

Multimedia Tour

This marble is jostled onto its track by the golf ball passing to its left.

The marble hits these dominoes, which knock the weight into a hole in its platform.

The falling weight pulls a cardboard stop from its stand, releasing a wooden peg.

The peg releases this mousetrap catapult, into which the golfball has fallen.

The ball rounds a corner and falls into this cardboard cup.

The cup is attached to one end of a pole rotating about this mindstorms joint.

The other end is weighted. The golf ball tips the balance, and the falling weight brings the golf ball to the top of the box.

The ball rounds a couple corners, padded with tissue, before exiting the machine.

Other parts also need padding.

Energy Transfers

  1. Ball - Marble
  2. Marble - Domino
  3. Domino - Weight
  4. Weight - Cardboard Stop
  5. Mousetrap - Ball
  6. Ball - Counterweighted Arm