Rachael and Peter spent Christmas 2011 on the Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship, “Serenade of the Seas”, cruising the Virgin Islands.  We started our trip by flying with Natalie to Houston, TX to visit Rachael’s parents (Natalie’s and William’s grandparents) for a few days.  Then on Christmas Eve Day, William flew down to Houston to join Natalie for a couple of days with the grandparents.  We, on the other hand, left from Houston to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico to board the “Serenade of the Seas” for our cruise.

We left San Juan in the evening of Christmas Eve and cruised all Christmas day.  We enjoyed getting to know the “Serenade”, exploring its many offerings and lounging about the various pools and decks.  All in all we had a great Christmas day that ended with a big dinner.  We went to bed in our cabin and the next morning, we woke up in St. Lucia.

Enjoy our photos!

Christmas 2011 cruise