This course is designed to make the director familiar with the field of design for theatre and the many other forms of production now prominent in the entertainment industry, and to enable the director to understand the visual areas that support a presentation so he or she can communicate effectively with designers. This is achieved through observation, discussion and actual designing.
Sketch for Phillip V's bedroom in the historical film Dream of Empire: The St. Augustine Story.
Set for an elegant drawing room in The Play's the Thing done on the thrust stage of the Pittsburgh Public Theatre.
The director will learn to:

Develop an approach to a production.

Exchange ideas with those who will be providing the visual elements.

Assess the ideas to see if they will support the aims of the production.

Appraise the final outcome to understand what was effective, what was not and what caused either.

Two sketches for scenes from the early version of the film Day of the Dead. The tent city, above, was written out of the script; the council chamber was used.
Director George Romero and actor/writer Stephen King take a break on one of the sets for Creepshow.
Good understanding and mutual respect are key elements in a successful collaboration.
Dynamic grouping shows how lights and costumes effectively heighten the dramatic effect.