The objectives of Basic Design are:

Develop an awareness of the power of design as a method of communication.

Develop the ability to recognize and understand the elements of design and how to utilize their impact within the framework of a composition.

Experience a way of discovering and expressing ideas while engaged in the design process.

A line drawing can be developed, then reversed and repeated to create a symmetrical composition.
A sense of movement can be created with line, color and form.
Develop fundamental techniques of drawing, painting, model making, etc., within the guidelines of assigned projects.

Expand the imagination and ability to explore the possibility of numerous choices for solving design problems.

Texture can be a strong component of composition.
This class is organized to help the students develop a work process, which enables them to achieve goals, and honor designated deadlines for the assigned projects
Color ideas can be presented using paint, above, or collaged with a combination of materials, such as fabric and paint, above right, and fabric and papers, right.