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MINIATURES (1967) (9’) String Quartet. prem Cuarteto RNE . Amer. prem. Cuarteto Latinoamericano (DINSIC Publicacions Musicals)

SONATA VIOLIN & PIANO (1960) (15’) Prem. Ariana Bronne Vn. N.Y.C. (General Music-EMI)

[Select.other perf.:Vns.Sidney Harth; X.Turull;E.Orner;S.Manuel;J.Salvador,Thurston Johnson Etc] (LP rec. Serenus Rec)

GEOMETRIES N.1 (1966) ( 9’) 6 instr. Prem.Barcelona Intern.Festiv.;Amer. prem. Inter-American Fest.Washington D.C. Many perf. in US and Europe.(LP rec.Serenus Records) (CD Albany Records-Troy 417) (Gen.Mus.-EMI)

"...chatters brightly and wittily...almost everywhere winning one’s attention by its youthful anthusiasm and playfulness."-Stereo Review

THREE TRANSPARENCIES OF A BACH PRELUDE (1976) (12’) Vc.& Pno. (G. Schirmer Inc)

Comm. Minist. Cult. Madrid, Prem. "Memorial concert to P.Casals" in Barcelona by Vc. P. Corostola. Many perf. US and Europe.( LP rec. on Grenadilla Records".

TRESIS (1973) (7’) Fl, Guit, Vc. Comm. & Prem." May Festival" in N.Y.C. Several perf. US and Europe (G.Schirmer)

CUATRIS (1969) (9’) -four instr.- Prem.N.Y.C., many perf. US and Europe.(LP rec.on Serenus Rec.) (CD Albany Records-Troy 417) (Gen.Mus.-EMI)

" A delightful,almost programatic work."-The Washington Post.

MOSAICO (1970) (12’), brass quintet. Comm. & Prem. Aspen Festival, American Brass Quintet, (LP rec. Serenus Records) (CD Albany Records-Troy 417) Many perf. in US and Europe (Gen.Mus.-EMI)

"a work in continual nervous motion, full of contrasting, interlocking speeds and rhythm."-The New York Times;"...meaningful contrast with exquisite muted trumpet melodies."-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

CONCERTO FOR CELLO AND NINE PLAYERS (1962) ( 15’)Comm. Gaspar Cassado. Prem. N. Rosen, Vc (EMI-G. Schirmer) Other perf. National Symphony Orch., Washington D.C. (CD Naxos 2013, Carnegie Mellon Wind Enble. David Premo Vc, Thomas Thomson cond.)

CD Columna Musica, Barcelona Modern Project, Jurgen Van Win solo vc., Marc Moncusi cond.

SKETCHES (“APUNTES”) (1974) (12’) four guitars. Winner of "International Prize City of Zaragoza". Prem. Tarrago Guitar Quartet. [Select.other perf.: Minnesota Guitar Quartet;Quatuor de Guitares de Versailles; Barcelona Guitar Quartet Etc.; Miscelanea Guitar Quartet] (CD rec. on Quantum Records of Paris) (CD UNI-Mozarteum Records, perf. Miscelanea Guitar Quartet.) (CD Columna Musica, quartet Tarrago-2012) (G. Schirmer  Inc)

"fascinating avant-garde sketches with chutzpah to spare....a stunning architectural design that uses the quartet to its fullest."-American Record Guide;"...the music was striking. The audience were obviously delighted and thrilled by the verve and dynamism, the faultless picados, the harmonics and the sheer elan of these sketches."-London Times; "These geometric ideas (Verticals, Plains, Heights etc) are quite strikingly illustrated by tonal and chordal relationships."-The New York Times.

SONATA FOR TEN WINDS (1980) (16’) Honorary mention "Kennedy Center Freidheim Awards". Prem. American Brass Quintet & New York Wind Quintet. Several perf. groups in US and Europe. (CD rec. on New World Records) (G. Schirmer Inc) CD Naxos 8.573064, Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble.

""The sonata was meant as a sound piece’ and in that it succeeds brilliantly. It is an exciting instrumental showcase, with motoric passages for combined brass instruments that are quite stunning."-The New York Times.

REFLEJOS - MUSIC FOR STRINGS AND FLUTE (1987) (17’) Comm. NEA, prem. Atlanta Virtuosi (Beteca Music, distributed by Subito Music)

(Select. other perf.: New England Piano Quartette; Cambridge Chamber Players; Cuarteto Latinoamericano Etc.]  [CD rec. Albany Records, Cuarteto Latinoamericano, A. Almarza (fl.), A. Bianco (Cbs.)] CD Naxos 8.572625, Orquesta de Cámara Ibérica o Iberian Chamber Orchestra, Jose Luis Temes director, conductor.

"This brilliantly written and consistently surprising piece captivates through a madcap synthesis of lyric, pointillistic, minimalistic and motoristic idioms."-The Atlanta Constitution.

DIARY OF DREAMS(1995) (22’) trio for Vn.,Vc.,Pno. Comm. CDMC-Madrid

Prem. Trio Artis, Encontre Internat. Compositors, Palma Mallorca, Sept. 1997 (Beteca Music, distributed by Subito Music)

CAPRICHOS No. 1 (2003) (20’) for Guitar and String Quartet -or String Orchestra- (A suite of seven short pieces using Andalucian folk ideas)World prem. Feb. 2005 by Eliot Fisk, guit. and the Mirσ Strg. Quartet, Round Top, Texas (Beteca Music, distributed by Subito Music)(CD Gober Records, perf. by Adam Levin guit. & Assai Quartet) Otros inter., Orq. Camara Iberica, Jose Luis Temes cond.,Bertrand Pietu guitar (CD Naxos 8. 8.572625)

CAPRICHOS No. 2 (2004) (14’) for solo Violin, String Orch.-or String Quartet- and Harp. (A suite of three Latino American dances: I- Samba, II-Tango, III-Jarabe)(Beteca Music, distributed by Subito Music)

Recorded on Naxos Records 8.572176 perf. by Pittsburgh Sinfonietta, Andres Cárdenes solo Vn.

CAPRICHOS No. 3 , versión Violin & Piano, (Beteca Music, distributed by Subito Music)

CAPRICHOS No. 6 (2009) for clarinet and piano (ca. 9’). The four short movements reflect psychic human reactions: I-“Anger”; II-“Tears”; III-“Anguish”; IV-“Shivers”. World prem. Sep 16, 2012, Ivan Ivanov (Cl.) Jakob Polakzyk (Pno.) Pittsburgh. (Beteca Music, distributed by Subito Music)

Caprichos No.7 (2009)-A chamber concerto for clarinet and instrumental ensemble. ( Fl., Percuss., Pno., 1 Vn., 1 Vc.). (20’) Comm. by Generalitat de Catalunya for Grup21, Peter Bacchus art. director. World prem. 2009, Barcelona. US prem. Ivan Ivanov, Cl. & Carnegie Mellon Wind Enble.[other perf. Ensemble Col legno; Kuraia Ensemble] (DINSIC Publ. Musicals)

SPIRITUAL  (2002) (ca. 12’) for Cello & Piano -Slow piece, like a lament, based on a Negro-Spiritual.  (Beteca Music) World prem. Nov. 2009, Barcelona.
BALLET CITY (1959) (12’) (Fl., Cl., Bn., Tpt., Tbn., 1 Perc., Pno., 1 Vc.). Prem. by Juilliard Modern Dance Ensemble, New York 1960.(Beteca Music, distributed by Subito Music). Ballet City concert version (12’), Ensemble Col legno, cond. R. Ferrer,Valencia 2013.
END AND BEGINNING (1969) (5’) for Classical and Rock ensemble. Prem. New York 1969. (General Music-Schirmer).
CAPRICHOS NO. 10 (2013) (6’) for Vn, Vc, Pno. Virtuoso work base on the Catalan melody “La Pastoreta". (Beteca Music, distributed by Subito Music)
CAPRICHOS NO. 13 - Transparencies from Spain (ca. 10 min.): I Transparencies from Andalusia (3’), II Transparencies from Catalonia (4’), III Transparencies from Castile(3’): (guitar, vn., cl., pno).  Commissioned   and prem. by Quantum Ensemble, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Feb. 2016.