Composiciones con Connotaciones Étnico-Folklóricas


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HOMAGE TO CASALS, a thoughtful work based on "the song of the birds" a Catalan melody which Casals used to play after his cello recitals.

HOMAGE TO SARASATE, a brilliant work based on the "zapateado"-a Spanish dance- by Sarasate.

SINFONIA EN NEGRO (Homage to Martin Luther King). Work with Afro-American ideas.

QUASI UN PASODOBLE, a musical fantasia based on the "pasodoble" a Spanish dance-march performed during a bull-fight.

SARDANA, a free version of the Catalan national dance.

ZAPATA:IMAGES FOR ORCHESTRA, a colorful four movement work using Mexican folk melodies, including "la cucaracha", "Adelita", "Jarabe tapatio". A suite from the opera "Zapata".

COLUMBUS:IMAGES FOR ORCHESTRA, a colorful four movement work using Spanish folk ideas- in the three first movements- as well as Indian-American ideas in the fourth one. A suite from the opera "C.Columbus".

SYMPHONY n. 4-Lausanne, a work using Swiss folk ideas.

SHADOWS, a short work of light and darkness in which a Catalan popular melody is dissected.

LINE AND THUNDER, short fantasy on a Latvian folk melody.

ECHOES, brilliant work in which several Irish melodies are presnted in what essencially is a jige.


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CONCERTO FOR VIOLIN AND ORCHESTRA, a three movement work using Catalan popular melodies.

THREE ANECDOTES-Concertino for Castanets and Orch., a work using a Spanish instrument in a deeply Spanish way.

MUSIC FOR OBOE AND ORCHESTRA-Lament from the Cradle of the Earth, a virtuoso work with Amazon-like suggestions.

MORNING MUSIC, a tender work for flute as soloist using a Catalan melody.

CONCIERTO MAGICO for guitar and orch., exploring the poetry and drama of the Spanish Gypsies.

CONCERTO FOR PIANO AND ORCH. n. 3, modernistic exploration of the Spanish pasodoble, Andalusí music and the jota.

Concerto para Cello y Orquesta  No. 2 -”New Orleans”  Virtuoso concerto en dos movimientos, el primero es reflejo  meditativo del “Negro spiritual”, el segundo del jazz brillante.


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HANGMAN,HANGMAN!, a chamber opera using a cow-boy subject as well as some thematic ideas from the Far-West.

THE TOWN OF GREED, a "cartoon" tragi-comic chamber opera, a sequel of "Hangman, Hangman!" in which primitive jazz is used.

ZAPATA, grand opera using Mexican folk ideas.

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, grand opera using Spanish as well as Indian-American folk ideas.


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Irish Dreams para metales y perc. Brillante tratamiento surrelista de varias melodías folklóricas irlandesas.