2010 GSA Volleyball

The tournament and season are over! Congratulations to our champions, LTI's Colorless Green Ideas. Alex and Don will be running the league again next year, if you have any suggestions, let us know! Pictures & possibly video coming.

  • The season runs from February 21st until May 3. We have nine weeks of regular season and a big tournament at the end.
  • Games are every Sunday, and only on Sunday (except Spring break and Easter) between 5pm and 9pm.
  • We play 6 on 6, but you are allowed to play with as few as 4.
  • All games are in the main gym of Skibo gym (NOT Wiegand gym in the UC) on Tech St, located next to Tepper.
New Rules
  • Despite recent changes to boost TV ratings, we will still be playing with any net contact as a foul. In amateur play, allowing net contact is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injuries to the ankles!
  • If you know ahead of time that your team will not be showing up, let us know one week in advance and we will not schedule a game for your team. Teams that fail to show up twice without notice will be removed from the league.
  • For the first nine weeks of regular season, there will only be one league for all teams. We will implement the Elo rating system, and try to match up comparably skilled teams as often as possible. The structure of the tournament has not yet been determined.
  • Will there be open court for pick up play again this year?

    Yes, there will be courts that are open during match times for pick-up play and practice. The frequency will be determined once all teams have registered.

  • How many players should there be in a team?

    Any number between 8-12 should be OK. Keep in mind that having less then 4 players on the court is automatic win for the opposing team if they have 4 or more players. Having too many players is not really bad, just that each player gets to play less. Also, try to recruit players who can show up regularly.

  • Can my spouse/significant other/friend be in my team?

    As in the case previous years, all team members who are not CMU students must get written approval from us in order to play. Spouses of CMU students will certainly be allowed to play, but others may be denied. Undergraduates are NOT allowed to play.

  • I'm not sure if my team should be in the minors, intermediate or major league.

    We are implementing a new system this year which puts all teams in one big league during the regular season.

  • Can a player be in two different teams?

    Yes. However note the following caveat, the two teams might be scheduled for the same time slot or worse still might be scheduled to play each other. Request for change of time slot for this reason will not be entertained.

  • Can I field players who are not on the roster?

    Technically no. But in the spirit of GSA volleyball, what is often practiced is the team fielding a non-roster player will just ask for permission from the opposing team.

  • I would like to play but I do not have a team.

    Send us an email and we will put your name on this website. That way teams looking for players can contact you.

Important Documents
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Here are the e-mail addresses of this year's organizers. If you're not sure of who to e-mail with your concern, please address it to Alex Styler.

Maintained by Alex Styler, authored by Kevin Bowers & Ben Sauerwine