The Union Of Arab Student Associations 4th Annual Conference
 January 25-27
Washington, DC
The UASA is a student-based organization that seeks to connect and unify 
local Arab-American university groups and intensifying the efforts of 
Arab-American students in assisting the Arab-American community. The Union 
specifically serves the interest of educating the Arab community and the 
general public about the culture, language, and history of the Arab world 
while promoting vital issues that pertain to Arabs in the United States.

Here is the deal guys
There is a group or going to the conference, check it out the website, www.uasaonline.org.
Leaving from the University Center, CMU, Pittsburgh: 1:30pm
Arriving in GWU, Washington DC:  6:00pm

Leaving from GWU, Wasington DC: 5:00pm
Arriving in University Center, CMU, Pittsburgh: 9:30pm

Transportation: $30
Hotel: $40 (for 2 nights with 4 people in a room)
Registration: $20 (must register before the 18th,go to the website)
Total: $90

Please RSVP by January 18th to sgz@andrew.cmu.edu, email me your phone 
number for confirmation.