Ashwati Krishnan

Electrical Engineer

Ph.D. (ECE) CMU (2016)

Current Project:

Quick Application, Ambulatory EEG
High Density EEG

Current Position:

Postdoctoral Researcher, CMU

Areas of Interest

analog circuit design,
neural engineering, bioelectronics,
biomedical device design

Other Links: LinkedIn ; AllAboutCircuits

Last Update: 11 October 2019

I believe that human beings are fundamentally engineers, we have always learned to work with the tools we are provided with. Somewhere along the way, engineering stopped being a way of life and became a target for students to achieve. I frequently volunteer with outreach groups to encourage students in schools and science centers, especially girls, to kindle their inner engineers. I love building things, and I like encouraging others to build as well.

Event (One Day) Organized by Semester
Summer Engineering Experience for Girls Gary Fedder July 2011 - 2018 (every year)
Moving 4th ICES/Peter Gilgunn, Shawn Kelly April 2012 - 2016 (every year)
Intro to EE Workshop WinECE September 2016, September 2015
Mentoring at Propel School, Braddock Hills ICES/Alicia Angemeer, Deborah Lange October 2015
ECE Desk at Carnegie Science Center Tom Sullivan February 2012, 2013

Based on my experience with these events, I have developed and designs kits and activities for young students to work with. A recent project that I worked on with Dr. Shawn K. Kelly was to design a solar light theremin. The idea behind designing this kit was to part of the CMU Library's "STEM-in-a-Shoebox" call for projects. We wanted to design an activity that had different educational depths of activities (primary, middle and high school), and that did not require too much maintenance. The end result was a solar powered, super capacitor based "musical" instrument based on photoresistors.