Ashwati Krishnan

Electrical Engineer

Ph.D. (ECE) CMU (2016)

Current Project:

Quick Application, Ambulatory EEG
High Density EEG

Current Position:

Postdoctoral Researcher, CMU

Areas of Interest

analog circuit design,
neural engineering, bioelectronics,
biomedical device design

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Last Update: 11 October 2019

My primary interests are in analog circuit design and measurement science, because it serves as an interface between the real world and the computational world. I use every opportunity in my work to learn more about the physics of signals and try to find the most efficient way to interact with them, and I am quick to learn and apply new concepts. During my Ph.D., I worked on several integrated circuit designs to stimulate the electrode-tissue interface. All of these designs were approached from the drawing board - deriving specifications; block and hierarchy design; ESD, bondpad and layout design and testing design. All these designs were done on the AMS 0.35um process, enabled by MOSIS. During my post-doctoral work, I dabbled with the creation of new sensors to interface with the skin for EEG recording, and used this fundamental understanding to develop long-term measurement strategies for EEG. Related work involves the use of PCB design for studying high-spatial density recording and stimulation.

Type Function Circuit Blocks/Notes Tape-Out Deadline
High-Density Grid Flex PCBs Study of high-spatial density patterns for recording and stimulation PCB design for via-in-pad, Flex PCB design Jan 2019
Mold Designs Manipulation of shapes for conductive sponges 3D printing, injection molding May 2019
Conductive Sponge Sensor Safe material to interface electrially with human skin Carbon Nanofibers, Silicones, Polyurethanes July 2018
Integrated Circuit V4BQAB 4X 7-bit Cascoded Stimulator with
Serial-Parallel Data Transfer
Level Shifters; Verilog synthesized
Serial-to-Parallel Shift Register
Nov 2014
PCB Design SKK-AK-005 4X Programmable Stimulator Board Howland Current Sources; 8-bit DACs;
Arduino Mega Firmware Design; (all SMD parts)
Summer 2014
Integrated Circuit V42MAA 8-bit SAR Analog-Digital Converter 8-bit Resistor Weighted DAC; Verilog synthesized SAR Logic; Comparator; Variable Gain Amplifier Feb 2014
Integrated Circuit V38GAA 7-bit Current Source with Op-Amp 70dB 1MHz Op-Amp; Level Shifter; Sample and Hold; Shorting Switch Aug 2013
Integrated Circuit V35JAB 7-bit Binary Weighted
Cascoded DAC Current Source
Sooch Cascode Mirror; Current Ref with Start-Up Circuit + Current Mirrors; ESD + Bondpads; Common Centroid Layout; May 2013