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Art Wetzel

What I do at work

I work on the image components of Project Mercury, an electronic library project at Carnegie Mellon. My main contribution has been the "world's fastest" FAX Group 4 decoder and viewer. You can find more about it from our Mercury server.

The home Front

Rose and I are usually kept hopping to keep up with all the activities Nat and Annamarie get into.

Other stuff

I usually teach one night course per term in the Department of Information Science or the associated Telecommunications Program which are part of the School of Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh. My specialties are "techie" courses such as computer science concepts, compiler construction, operating systems, image processing and the like.

During my spare time (what little there is) at home over the past several years I have been developing an OCR program, tentatively named Aurora, that uses direct gray scale image input to achive very high accuracy and processing speed. As an OCR test case it is currently being used to process an old medical text which had presented problems with several commercial OCR packages. See this page from the University of Pittsburgh Libraries for more information about that project.

Where to reach me

Work phone: 412-268-6994
Home phone: its in the book if you really really need it

Nice places to visit

  • This "Ancient History" site is pretty neat.
  • This iastate fellow keeps lots of good techie aerospace stuff.
  • Look here for some "elementary" facts.