Arijeet Mitra

Career Profile

I have 3 years of professional experience as software developer engineer on API and Cloud integration technologies at Oracle IDC. Currently my Masters program in Carnegie Mellon University at Information Technology, has allowed me hone my skills from Systems to Security aspects of developing software. I am looking for summer internship opportunities to participate in challenging project to utilize my knowledge and experience for mutual growth.

Professional Experience

Software Developer Engineer

June 2013 - May 2016
Oracle IDC, Bangalore

Developed connectors team to provide integration between Oracle Identity Management servers and remote targets to carry out provisioning and reconciliation operations.

Software Developer Intern

May -July 2012
Ericsson Inc, Kolkata

Developed web application to reserve workstations and book meeting or conference rooms. The main objective of this project is to allocate seats as requested by any spock/spokesperson according to the requirement which is thereby served automatically using this tool. The Admin gets news feedback of the requests generated so that he can take further actions. His is done via an email set-up or wall posts on the sites itself. In case of reserving any special room like meeting room, conference room or a list of available rooms along with their attributes is displayed and allowed to be booked as per the demands.

Summer Technical Intern

May - July 2011
Indian Institute of Hardware Limited, India

Implementation of Different Routing Protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF,RIP,RIPv2,IGRP on a conventional router and Implementing AES for security, enabling Proxy filters, setting up Internal LAN configuration with Dlink Switches, as well as Layer 3 switches for distribution of Internet of a Public Network.

Vocational Trainee

May - July 2010
Tata Steel, Jamshedpur

Developed a Content Management System using JOOMLA

Research & Projects

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