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Scouting College and Interest Project Day


Carnegie Mellon University Campus
November 11, 2006

Listed below are the badges we are looking to offer this year. Please note, this list is subject to change.

Architecture and Environmental Design
Stop for a moment and look around.Chances are, you are sheltered overhead by a roof surrounded by supporting walls. Most likely, an architect decided on the shape of the structure and the materials to be used. Find out more about creating buildings and designing space.

Creative Cooking
Foreign and domestic foods, unusual cooking utensils, and how to use everything in a spice rack are just a few of the things you'll learn in a class dedicated to the most primal source of satisfaction - food! This class will leave campus.

Digging Through the Past
Come study the earth and its inhabitants of the past through an exploration of rocks and fossils and take a hike through Schenley Park to learn about Pittsburgh?fs very own geologic record. This class will leave campus.

Do You Get the Message? (Cadettes Only)
Learn about body language, the art of argument, fashion trends, the psychology of built environments, cartooning and more... everything that effects how we view ourselves and communicate with one another.

Eco Action
Concerned about the environment? Learn ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and conserve while finding out ways to better your own community.

Fashion Design
Do you have an interest in designing your own clothes? Size, color, and trends all affect fashion decisions. You'll discover what look is best for you and have an opportunity to try your hand at designing your own outfit.

From Fitness to Fashion
Learn to care for your skin, hair, nails and the most important part of fitness... your self-image. Discover the changes in women's fashion and personal health throught history as well as the latest techniques for keeping yourself healthy.

Invitation to Dance
Shall we dance? Learn the basics rhythm, dance steps, even learn various dances of today and the past, and even choreograph your own dances

Just Jewelry
Try your hand at creative expression by designing and making jewelry for yourself and others. Be imaginative and innovative and wear your creations home.

Law and Order
Criminal investigations, court appearances, police arrests, political fiction; learn about every aspect of law enforcement and the huge role it not only plays in the entertainment industry, but also, and most importantly, in society.

This class will teach you the integral skills in how to be a leader - the strength and confidence to lead a group, the clarity to delegate responsibility, and the best way to contribute when part of a team. Cadet scouts only.

Media Savvy
From newspapers, to TV, to the internet, the news finds it's way to our door now in more ways then ever. This class will teach you to filter through all of this media, and criticize the skewing of fact to
influence certain groups of people.

Museum Discovery
Come explore one of Pittsburgh?fs many museums and even design your own museum. This class will leave campus.

On a High Note
This class will deal with improving your talents in singing, listening, composing, and performing, and will (hopefully) heighten your appreciate for the many forms of music out there.

Outdoor Survival
A cardinal rule of Girl Scouts is to ?gBe Prepared!?h Learn how to survive in the wilderness by finding water, building a shelter and distinguishing what types of available plants are edible. This class will leave campus.

Paper Works
Let your imagination run wild and envision all the uses for a blank piece of paper. Fold it up, and it becomes a paper airplane, or a piece of origami. Cut it up, and it becomes confetti for celebrations. Come check out how beautiful paper can be.

The Performing Arts (Cadettes only)
Have you ever dreamed of being on stage? Learn all the basics of singing, dancing, and speaking techniques that every performer needs to know as well as the technology behind the performers. Open only to Cadette Scouts.

Your pets provide you with loyal companionship daily, return them the favor by learning how best to care for them and ensure their happiness.

Textile Arts
This class will expose you to numerous varieties of textile materials that you can both use and create, as well as a wide range of textile skills such as quilting, weaving, and other varieties of handiwork. Whether you're interested in old school craftiness, or new-age textile technologies, this class is for you.

Explore Pittsburgh and learn how to travel in style. Plan a trip and discover new places, but don?ft forget to appreciate the tourist appeal of your very own backyard! This class will leave campus.

A World of Understanding
With all the cultures, languages, foods, architectural styles, behaviors, and values we come into contact every day, it's hard to keep them all straight! This class is dedicated to opening your mind and widening your horizons, as you discover an entire world of people living lives entirely different from your own, and yet
similar in their humanity.

Your Best Defense
Every scout at some point in her life must have exposure to a self-defense class. This class will teach you everything you need to know about avoiding, and getting out of potentially harmful situations.


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