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Room Reservations

The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for room reservations for chapter events. Depending on where the event is held there are different people to contact to attain rooms. They are as follows:

Most Academic Classrooms and Lecture Halls
Nancy Mastraieni x8-4086
You can request rooms online at: SPACEQUEST
SPACEQUEST only reserves the room, on weekends you must call the CMU campus police to ensure the room is opened.
University Center rooms
Kate Robertson
Mellon Institute
Francine Pugsley x8-7699  
Eileen Bullister x8-2433  
Adamson Wing & Giant Eagle Auditorium
H&SS Dean's office
Stacey Beadling x8-1632  
Hamburg Hall Lobby Area
Nancy Dewalt x8-2160  
Some Hamburg Hall Rooms
Jean Morris x8-3122  
Warner Hall 4th Floor Conference Room
Jackie Cushion x8-6758  
Cyert Hall Atrium and Cyert 101
Diane Pawlowski x8-2638  
Roberts Hall
Kim Raveling x8-2483  
Singleton Room
CIT Dean's Office (Rhonda Matthews) x8-2483  
CFA Lobby
Petra Fallaux x8-3877  
Alumni Concert Hall and Student Center Drill Deck
Kelly Brown x8-2372  
Whitfield Hall Clubroom
CMU Catering x8-2129  
Residence Buildings
Student Life(in Morewood) x8-2142
Campus Computer Clusters
Cluster Reservations
There are always some special buildings or rooms/clusters that need to be reserved through departments. Regrooms should know who to go through to reserve these rooms; usually you will have to talk to the department's head secretary to get a specialty room in a particular department.
Contact information for most special rooms can be found in a brochure called "Reserving Space on Campus," available by the Info Desk in the UC.
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