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Conventions and Conferences

The Chapter shall choose the appropriate number of voting delegates: at least two weeks before Sectional conferences; at least one month before Regional conferences; and at least 80 days before National conventions. At the same time the Chapter shall choose an alternate delegate who will assume the role of a voting delegate if one of the voting delegates is unable to perform his duties.

The Chapter shall pay all necessary registration fees for voting delegates to conventions and conferences. The chapter shall also pay housing expenses for voting delegates to National conventions as follows: The chapter shall pay one-fourth (1/4) of the quadruple occupancy rate at the location designated by the housing authority of the National Convention for each of the four nights of December 27th through December 30th. The Chapter shall not pay transportation, eating expenses, optional fees, or unnecessary housing expenses for said conventions and conferences (e.g. optional banquets, or housing for extra days).

As adopted September 8, 1998

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